Daily farmer training manual

Daily farmer training manual


Improving milk production in East Africa faces multiple constraints, however lack of farmer understanding of the productive cows’ nutritional needs – and how to satisfy them – are frequently a “first-limiting” consideration. This manual forms the underlying learning material for this course and is also designed as a reference resource for all course participant

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Daily farmer training manual



1 Livestock husbandry 1
2 Livestock nutrition 23
3 Pasture and fodder agronomy 39
Pasture and crop choices 41
Forage and crop cultivation 53
Fertility and fertilizer 65
Complex systems 83
Preservation: Silage making–sweet potato vines 100
Urea mineral molasses blocks (UMMB) 109
4 Diary hygiene and milk transport 115
5 Putting it together

Daily farmer training manual

Factors to consider before going into dairy farming – in Kenya
  1. Feeds. To produce milk you three things are important; feed, feed and more feed. …
  2. Cow house and equipment. …
  3. Buy they cow. …
  4. Seek knowledge and more knowledge. …
  5. Feeds. …
  6. Cow house and equipment. …
  7. Buy they cow. …
  8. Seek knowledge and more knowledge.

crop and animal production

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