2024 form 2 Mid term 2 exams

2024 form 2 Mid term 2 exams


2024 form 2 Mid term 2 exams with marking scheme

Subjects covered include: Mathematics, English,   Kiswahili, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business, Agriculture, Geography, History  and CRE.


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2024 form 2 Mid term 2 exams

complete exam set for secondary school students in Kenya.

Looking for the latest Form one exam papers plus their marking schemes? Well. We have you covered! For the purpose of helping  candidates, ELIMUKENYA Team has compiled prediction set questions with answers from KNEC resources i.e. analyzing previous exam question patterns and KNEC approved learning materials.

2024 form 2 Mid term 2 exams

These set questions are an efficient way of preparing for KCSE exams. It gives students an idea of what to expect during the actual exam sitting. You have access to tens of revision notes and thousands of revision questions in multiple high school subjects to sharpen your knowledge and prepare for any high school exam.

The exams are  editable format (word) and can be accessed even via your mobile phone.

Preparation Tips:

  1. Review Past Papers: Familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types.
  2. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice will help improve your speed and accuracy.
  3. Use Marking Schemes: Understand how marks are allocated to improve your answering techniques.
  4. Group Study: Collaborate with peers to discuss and solve challenging questions.
  5. Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to ask teachers for clarification on difficult topics.


These exams are a valuable tool for preparing Form 2 students for their upcoming assessments. By practicing with these materials, students can enhance their understanding, boost their confidence, and improve their performance in actual exams. Good luck with your studies!

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