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kcse revision kits

C.B.C curriculum

Latest Competency Based Curriculum, CBC, training notes, Curriculum Designs , examinations, revision materials, schemes of work and lesson plans for the new curriculum.

Lower secondary

Upper primary

Lower primary


Novels and kids story books

These children stories are typically suitable for kids between the ages of 5 and 8. They are a result of the Tusome Early Literacy Programme that aims to increase focus on the quality of education in lower primary by improving literacy outcomes.

  1. Grade 1 story books.
  2. Grade 2 story books.

You can also check out this amazing novels by top African writers .

Schemes of work

The following schemes  have been developed based on the requirements of the new education system, namely 2-6-6-3. The schemes follow Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) as per the provisions of the new curriculum designs. To get a copy of these schemes of work, follow on the given  links below.

KASNEB notes and revision kits

Download CPA ATD CS CCP DCM CIFA CICT DICT notes, Revision kits and Past papers for KASNEB courses in Kenya. we compile our notes by using KASNEB recommended textbooks, study materials as well as class notes from various prominent colleges in Kenya and this guarantees you updated/revised materials as per current syllabus


200 profitable business ideas in 2022
200 profitable agricultures ideas in Kenya
Profitable Hen Rearing Step-by-Step Guide
Farmer’s Hand Book on Pig Production

farming manuals

Farming is much more than growing crops and keeping livestock. It is about working and living in the outdoor environment and also about managing your surroundings. Whatever your level of expertise, you are sure to learn something new about working with your environment in order to help your farm or small-holding to flourish!

be on the know

Kenya Learner DRIVER handbook-NTSA

In commitment to enhance road safety, we have prepared the Syllabus for Instruction of Learner Drivers and Riders. This Syllabus will guide instructors in preparation of their lessons. This handbook is prepared as a guide for use by drivers. It is a comprehensive information source for the rules and regulations, information and advice that you need to drive safely on the Kenyan roads.

kenya food recipes

This book is a detailed account of commonly consumed dishes featuring a diversity of mixed ingredient recipes from across Kenyan communities. It covers a total of 142 mixed recipes. The main components of the book include preparations for each recipe with a list of ingredients with household measures, the preparation and cooking method, cooking time, nutrient profile per 100g of recipe, servings and a photograph of the final dish.

Guide of doing business in kenya

The purpose of this handbook is to provide information to the local entrepreneurs and business leaders on the regulations, procedures and requirements, the opportunities and incentives offered by various laws and regulations, the kinds of support services they can seek from the government, and widen their access to information on business opportunities and sources of funding for investment.

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